ConCntric's procurement module is now integrated with BuildingConnected ®

ConCntric® transforms the fractured preconstruction environment by unifying processes and providing a dynamic view of the project. Acting as a single source of truth, ConCntric’s® platform unites data, workflows and people, thus ensuring a certainty of outcome.

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Use ConCntric® To

Unify the entire preconstruction process.
Access real-time insights and reliable data.
and mitigate risk.
Control the future outcome by making necessary changes now.

ConCntric’s® platform is designed to foster collaboration between General Contractors, Owners & Developers and Design Teams.

By uniting data, workflows and people, ConCntric® makes preconstruction an optimized experience for all stakeholders.

When you’re making important decisions about a project, you want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date planning information in front of you.

ConCntric’s® platform provides real-time, accurate data that helps decision makers push their projects forward.

Ensuring a successful project outcome requires careful attention and planning. With ConCntric®, you can test new ideas and possibilities that allow you to effectively assess and mitigate risk before putting shovels in the ground.

Having the latest project knowledge at your fingertips helps you see an accurate picture of where you are and provides you with the opportunity to make changes now to optimize the future outcome.

Preconstruction Services for General Contractors

Are you a BuildingConnected® User?

Your procurement process just got better! ConCntric has bridged the gap between preconstruction planning and subcontractor bidding with our BuildingConnected ® integration. Say goodbye to thousands of wasted hours and say hello to a unified process.
Once You Try ConCntric®, Preconstruction Will Never Be The Same. Find Out Why.
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