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Calibrate is a comparison tool that allows you to compare your current project status with prior project performance, as well as industry benchmarks, so you have an accurate picture of how your project is positioned.

Carefully assess your current project status in comparison to past project outcomes and industry benchmarks to obtain a detailed understanding of your project’s position.

The Calibrate feature is a foundational feature that is integrated into all aspects of our preconstruction software. Compare your projects in real time and track your progress throughout the whole preconstruction journey.

Use historical project data to get a clear picture of how your project is performing

● Automatically sync your project history, current project, and client data to gain valuable insights into how your current project compares to your prior work

● Discover where your project stands in terms of cost per square foot, and other commonly used metrics, to determine if it is consistent or an outlier, allowing you to make more informed decisions

Analyze your project at a granular level, referencing division and system levels

● Dive deep into your project’s division and system levels, understanding alignment or disparities with prior project data

● Evaluate project elements, such as curtain wall systems, gaining a granular perspective on construction costs and surface area for more precise and actionable cost analysis

Gain the trust of stakeholders by providing historical data to support your decisions

● Communicate and benchmark target and stretch goals to stakeholders using past project data to draw examples

● Recognize trends over time for enhanced confidence in bidding for new business and winning the trust of owners and other stakeholders

Don’t leave your wealth of insights from past projects stranded in the past.

Calibrate your projects with confidence knowing that you are laying the foundation for realistic planning, effective cost management, and ultimately, the successful realization of construction objectives. With ConCntric, the future of a project is no longer a mystery.

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