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A classification system that allows you to structure your project data according to the established industry standard. Classify ensures a common language of construction terminology is used for all teams across your preconstruction project.

Standardize your precon processes and ensure
all stakeholders are on the same page.

The Classify feature is a foundational feature that is integrated into all aspects of our preconstruction software. It provides an all-encompassing labeling system to capture any project type.

Streamline your way to precise, structured preconstruction data

● Accumulate relevant and usable data over time from project to project

● Build a comprehensive database to reduce the learning curve for new project team members or stakeholders

Use past project data to your advantage

● Drive business intelligence by making project data easy to locate and understand for any team member

● Keep consistent, uniform systems in order to speed up the research process, reduce timely errors and organize your data for future projects

Derive meaningful, accurate project insights

● Obtain a comprehensive view of your construction project status and performance

● Seamlessly track key performance indicators and make more informed decisions that align with your project goals

Guarantee consistent language and integrated data throughout preconstruction.

Organizing your data through a standardized labeling system ensures your team can harvest the data for business intelligence, automated workflow and output and historical data analysis. Harmonize your workflows and communications to ensure all your projects are set up for success.

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