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Collaboratively ideate value options for inclusion into your project, while tracking their impact on the budget.  ForeSite helps drive decision-making with powerful features and dynamic forecasts of possibilities with the functionality to scenario model outcomes and drive the alignment of your construction project’s design and budget. This feature provides a fail-safe forecast, replacing standard spreadsheets and allowing you to view multiple, unique budget options simultaneously including presentation-grade visuals and powerful analytics.

Instantly and accurately calculate potential impacts on your project’s overall cost.

Explore the impact of a group of ideas and scenarios simultaneously

● Present ideas or early concepts, with a high or low range of cost, without jeopardizing your original budget

● Save concepts created in ForeSite for future projects by adding them to your Idea Library

Allow all stakeholders to contribute their ideas directly to the project

● Let preconstruction teams individually explore the impact of an idea graphically on the current trajectory of the overall cost of a project

● Cohesively develop a single source of truth—whether it be approvals or rejections—by experimenting without harm, all in one location

Keep a close eye on approvals and adjustments made by each team member

● Track what was approved, when it was approved, who approved it and how it impacted the budget using our automatic audit trail

● Use the chat dialogue function to communicate with Owners, GCs, Architects and Subcontractors about specific items within the platform

Predict your project’s future by working smarter, not harder.

Stop worrying that forecasting will disturb your budget and start visually predicting your project using scenario model outcomes. Trust the process and experiment safely by using ConCntric to explore many versions of your budget without interfering with your original preconstruction plan.

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