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Seamlessly integrating with software on both the front end and back end, our preconstruction management software enhances efficiency and collaboration across all stages of the preconstruction process.

Optimize the procurement process by syncing BuildingConnected and BIM 360 Docs projects and setting up ACC or BIM 360 Docs folder for a Bid Package. Push Bid Package details from ConCntric to BuildingConnected, ACC or BIM 360 Docs to auto-complete bid forms and sync Award Value from BuildingConnected to ConCntric Bid Packages.

Prepare and sync Bid Packages between ConCntric and BuildingConnected Bid Solicitation suite.

Import estimate data with ease from Beck Destini.

Import estimate data with ease from CostOS.

Import estimate data with ease from Trimble WinEst.

Effortlessly import current project data from Excel spreadsheets into ConCntric.

Import estimate data with ease from Sage.

Leverage industry benchmarking data to normalize cost data.

ConCntric is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), dedicated to improving communication in the construction industry.

Import estimate data with ease from ProEst.

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