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Purchasing Plan

A coordinated schedule to develop, bid, and award the subcontract work and procure materials and services. The Purchasing Plan makes sure the procurement process meets the design and construction schedule needs and helps minimize market risk.

Make informed procurement decisions
quickly and accurately

Collectively evaluate, set and monitor the entire buyout strategy for the construction project under one roof

● Graphically visualize and prioritize key timing elements of design and construction preparation workflow needs and resource capacity

● Stay informed about urgent and upcoming project milestones and deadlines with automatic notifications

Prevent project delays or bottlenecks with more accurate and reliable real-time project data

● Quickly transition your estimate to a bid package structure and allocate the specifications and scope of work to ensure no errors are made

● Use the Timeline and Portfolio features to view risks and opportunities associated with the buyout process at the company level

Consistently meet project milestones and deadlines

● Use the integrated Timeline feature to allocate specific deadlines to each phase of the plan

● Update your client on the progress made in procuring contractors for the specified scope, therefore reducing market risk.

Start consistently hitting every project deadline.

Organize all stakeholders with a clear and transparent subcontractor purchasing process that ensures everyone is operating from the same playbook. ConCntric’s preconstruction software gives your team confidence in their ability to deliver success.

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