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Risk Register

A dashboard that tracks all major risks identified by precon teams, applies risk scoring, and encourages mitigation strategies. The Risk Register is your tool for solving major construction project issues before they arise.

Reduce project risks before
the shovel hits the ground.

Highlight and prioritize key project risks

● Use the Proprietary Risk Scoring Algorithm to rank risks from most to least important

● Utilize the Risk Factor Matrix and Heat Map to prioritize risks based on magnitude of impact or sense of urgency

Avoid unforeseen events with increased accountability

● Proactively take steps to mitigate or eliminate risks from the project in real-time

● Respond quickly to issues or obstacles by giving your entire construction team access to the full scope of the project

Promote collaboration to drive risk out of your project

● Keep track of the status of your project and narrow down who is responsible for major risks

● Encourage transparency in order for the team to be aware of all active risks

Make sure risks don’t affect your schedule or profit margin.

Construction projects will always carry risk. ConCntric’s preconstruction software helps minimize that risk’s impact on your bottom line.

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