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Do you struggle with presenting your construction project's estimate in a way that's visually engaging and informative to all stakeholders? Vision transforms your complex preconstruction estimating data into a clear, graphical, and comprehensive dashboard that showcases the entire preconstruction journey from start to finish.

Transform the way you review estimates and unlock comprehensive project insight.

Achieve project clarity right from the start

● Eliminate complex and unintelligible estimating information

● Present project metrics to stakeholders in a visually intuitive and dynamic dashboard

● Focus on the bottom line and understand growing construction costs instantly

Get a complete picture of the entire project’s story

● Gain a holistic view of your project’s trajectory

● Understand your current status and forecast future possibilities

● Correlate construction costs and program overview dynamically

Make value-based decisions with your team easily and quickly

● Achieve greater clarity around key decisions by providing everyone with a transparent view of our platform

● Track project size by gross square foot effortlessly

● Gain a framework that will provide direction on future projects

Achieve greater project clarity as a team, so you can make better decisions.

Dynamically transform intricate preconstruction estimating data into a visually compelling and informative dashboard, propelling your team toward a clearer understanding of the entire preconstruction journey. With ConCntric, you can seize the opportunity to enhance project coordination and clarity, enabling informed decisions and ensuring success from inception to completion.

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