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Getting Started with ConCntric
Steve Dell’Orto • 23 Feb 2024

Getting Started with ConCntric

Change doesn’t have to be time-consuming, stressful or disruptive. ConCntric is ready to give your preconstruction process a boost in less than a day.

Software companies hear many reasons why contractors hesitate to move forward with new technology. We want to address those concerns and tell you how easy it is to bring on ConCntric while dispelling some myths associated with adopting new technology in the construction industry.

MYTH #1: It will take a long time to set up/onboard everyone on the team.

FACT: ConCntric’s team can have you up and running in less than a day.

ConCntric has been intentionally designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. From the initial demo meeting to using ConCntric on your projects, we can set you up in less than a day. ConCntric’s team helps you set up your first project and trains your team on how to use the platform swiftly and efficiently. We make bringing in new workflows easy by being readily available to answer any questions you may have, as well as keep you engaged and active on the platform with our weekly check-in calls. 

MYTH #2: People won’t use it, they don’t like change.

FACT: A strong team starts at the top. Leading by example and slowly phasing out manual processes will make it easier for your team to adapt.

Soon, all construction companies will be using some form of technology to speed up their manual processes. Waiting will only cause you to fall behind further. Getting your company leaders to adapt and lead the way will inevitably help with the buy-in process from the rest of the team. Teams are saying yes to ConCntric because of our attention to design, our intuitiveness and our clean and easy-to-understand graphics. When it comes to winning more work, a picture can be worth a thousand words. Showing Owners and teams that they can visualize their preconstruction and workflows all in one place will not only help you seal a deal but bring all teams together for a more collaborative, preconstruction process.

MYTH #3: Not everyone on the team will be able to comprehend new software.

FACT: Unifying all of your preconstruction work in one place makes their job easier.

ConCntric’s platform allows you to track the entire preconstruction process, making it easier for you to go through each workflow involved in this stage of the project. When multiple members of the team have access to our software and the project at hand, risks can be reduced, errors can be eliminated and communication can improve significantly. Using our platform is as simple as using your smartphone. Trust us when we say, our user-friendly interface is 100% manageable and can easily be picked up by your not-so-tech-enabled teammates.

MYTH #4: We don’t know if we can afford new software at the moment.

FACT: Cost overruns during the construction phase can be far more damaging than money spent streamlining preconstruction processes.

Our ROI studies indicate a 10x offset at a minimum. If someone gave you $10 in exchange for $1 would you say no? Preconstruction software is an investment in your company’s future. Start collecting data now that will help you outperform the competition in years to come. When you bring risk solutions to the forefront with ConCntric, you begin eliminating risks from your project and everybody wins.

MYTH #5: We have no bandwidth for any new technology.

FACT: ConCntric increases your bandwidth by minimizing manual, menial tasks in preconstruction.

We understand that adapting to any new technology you are implementing can be time-consuming. However, when breaking it down, by working in a platform, you are spending less time A) Calculating project budgets, B) Creating graphs for Owners and C) Communicating updates with stakeholders. Why? Because ConCntric does that for you! Our platform automatically generates these items that you would otherwise spend hours on every single day.

As one day goes by, that’s another day lost. Don’t be the team to fall behind. The sooner you start adapting to a new collaborative preconstruction model, the better off you will be in the future. Your future starts today!

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