ConCntric's procurement module is now integrated with BuildingConnected ®

For General Contractors

Ditch the spreadsheets and generate real-time insights from a range of project data. Raise the bar with a collaborative preconstruction software platform that increases transparency, promotes comprehensive planning for building design and construction and reduces risks all in one single workspace.

How ConCntric Helps General

Analyze your preconstruction project’s status using real-time data with this Preconstruction Software

Analyze your preconstruction project’s status using real-time data

Centralize your preconstruction data and generate insights that’ll make your team proactive instead of reactive. Get ahead of competitors by telling your project’s story in a way Owners will understand and appreciate.

● Get time back to win more work by quickly generating data-driven charts and graphs

● View all key estimates, project metrics and results across workflows

● Track portfolio-wide KPIs and analytics across multiple projects under one dashboard

Carry your precon data from one project to the next with this Preconstruction Software

Carry your precon data from one project to the next

The best time to start capturing your estimate and project data was five years ago. The second best time is today. Every project should contribute to and optimize your company’s unique preconstruction database and insights.

● Compare your current project status with prior project performance and industry benchmarks

● Capture and store your team’s ideas, feedback and suggestions in a library for use on future projects

● Iterate on a range of project scenarios and outcomes to assess feasibility without erasing or adjusting initial plans

Avoid surprises and proactively mitigate construction project risks with this Preconstruction Software

Avoid surprises and proactively mitigate construction project risks

Visualize budgetary and scheduling risks in your timeline and help your team prepare for them by getting a comprehensive view of all major activities critical to the preconstruction process through to project execution.

● Increase transparency and conduct thorough risk assessments using one single source of truth

● Assist construction teams by using up-to-date project data to proactively take steps to remove any unnecessary risk from your project

● Keep construction costs at bay by visualizing and categorizing risks by magnitude of impact or sense of urgency


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Be the General Contractor that every Owner is lining up to work with again and again.

Getting onboarded and streamlining your preconstruction data in ConCntric takes less than a day. Implementing new preconstruction services should save you time, not add to it. We help you quickly import your current spreadsheets, estimating software, BIM software and architecture software data into our platform and train your team to get started immediately.

Are you a BuildingConnected® User?

Your procurement process just got better! ConCntric has bridged the gap between preconstruction planning and subcontractor bidding with our BuildingConnected ® integration. Say goodbye to thousands of wasted hours and say hello to a unified process.
Once You Try ConCntric®, Preconstruction Will Never Be The Same. Find Out Why.
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