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Role and Significance of an Estimator as Part of a Broader Preconstruction Team
Steve Dell’Orto • 19 Jan 2024

Role and Significance of an Estimator as Part of a Broader Preconstruction Team

What role does the estimator play in preconstruction? Learn more here.

In the intricate world of construction, the preconstruction phase remains crucial to the foundation of a successful project. The estimator stands at the forefront of preconstruction, responsible for the development of the detailed estimate and assisting in budgetary decisions crucial to the project. Although this phase is highly collaborative, the estimator often acts as the linchpin that ensures projects are realistically budgeted and scheduled and made with the quality and care they deserve.

How a preconstruction estimator interacts with a unified BIM software

BIM software allows estimators to see the designs of the project come to life in 3D. It is a way for them to visualize the design and is often utilized for deriving scope and quantities. Using BIM software, estimators can enhance accuracy by facilitating collaboration between project team members. Navigating the complexities of a project, BIM software has been proven to enhance project efficiency in the area of design. ConCntric, the first and only preconstruction platform, unites all aspects of the preconstruction process while coordinating with BIM software.

How a preconstruction estimator improves coordination in the construction software industry

Coordination comes in many forms on a construction project; whether it be person-to-person coordination, coordination of scope, or coordination of design elements, there is a lot of coordinating done by the preconstruction estimator. Since the integration of BIM software into construction projects, coordination has greatly increased. However, one thing we’ve noticed is that in preconstruction there is a huge gap in coordinating the myriad of other workflows involved in planning a project. Without using an all-encompassing preconstruction platform, communication and coordination lack a sense of project unity, leaving out key elements of the project at hand.  

The significance of a preconstruction estimator in cost estimation for large-scale construction projects

The role of the estimator in preconstruction is just as important on large-scale projects as it is on small-scale projects. The estimator is responsible for budget planning and does so by analyzing specs, plans and any other relevant data and giving that information to the stakeholders after forming a realistic cost estimate. The estimator examines risk, conducts quantity takeoffs and value engineering, prepares bids and communicates the expectations, scheduling, phasing and profitability of the construction project with the client. Their job is to create a solid financial foundation for the project and use their expertise as well as construction software, like ConCntric, to deliver successful outcomes.

How a preconstruction estimator contributes to project management in the construction software industry

Emphasizing the estimator and their preconstruction effort only sets your team up for success, allowing them to properly communicate with the project manager and suggest strategies for operational efficiency. 

“The estimator plans the build, and the project manager builds the plan.”

Between the estimator and the project manager, both are equally important to the success of the project and the stakeholders involved. The estimator is essential in the early stages of project planning, and as the project progresses, the estimator may help with managing change orders, monitoring the progress of the project, and closing it out once complete. 

The role of the preconstruction estimator in the construction software industry

The role of the estimator is continuing to change as new software and technology are emerging. Preconstruction estimators and managers have a unique opportunity today that they did not have 5 years ago. Now they can partner with construction software providers and help solve the issues that preconstruction estimators have had to deal with for decades. Using BIM software combined with a preconstruction platform allows estimators to collaborate and communicate projects more effectively than ever before. 

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