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Winning More Work with ConCntric
Steve Dell’Orto • 23 Feb 2024

Winning More Work with ConCntric

Start winning more work today.

Are you struggling with differentiating yourself from other companies in a way that enables you to win more work? Do you have trouble demonstrating how well you do preconstruction? 

Continuing to do preconstruction the old-fashioned way is going to make it more difficult to win more work and grow when you are competing with companies that embrace technology that provides real-time data, graphs and charts.

ConCntric helps teams win more work by allowing them to:

Stand Out From Competitors

Our platform helps our customers differentiate themselves from other companies reaching for the same job. With ConCntric, you are not winning work with spreadsheets, you are winning work by showcasing a holistic platform that does it all. Our comprehensive solution is the only one of its kind, giving teams a graphical representation of trends, deadlines, milestones and opportunities.



Create a Single Source of Truth

We’re getting rid of fractured, analog data, and paving the way for unified and collaborative workflows. At ConCntric, we are giving General Contractors the tools they need to foster transparency and trust among all stakeholders, allowing them to develop a shared vision and shared objectives that will align with all of their goals. Our real-time platform ensures that everyone involved in a project has the most recent information and doesn’t need to waste time riffling through files to prepare for a presentation or get the latest updates.



Visualize a Project Collaboratively

Our platform brings in all project stakeholders, including General Contractors, Owners, Design Teams and Subcontractors. Any preconstruction professional who is involved in a project can have access to our platform, collectively and at the same time. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, which is what makes ConCntric so unique. We use visuals to enhance stakeholder communication, taking complicated data and making it easily digestible for any member of the team to have access to and comprehend.



“ConCntric has validated what we already knew to be true, that Owners want more sophistication behind preconstruction services and a much easier way to understand all aspects of a project. We’ve helped our customers win over two dozen projects and counting.” – Steve Dell’Orto

ConCntric is a difference maker. Our preconstruction software allows teams to easily compare current project status with project data, shaping your project and client outlook. Additionally, it serves project insights through portfolio-wide KPIs and analytics and scenarios model outcomes to align with your designs and your budget. 

Standing out from competitors, having a single source of truth, and collaborating using visuals are only a small portion of what makes ConCntric unique. To learn more about the only holistic preconstruction software on the market, book a demo with us today.

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