ConCntric's procurement module is now integrated with BuildingConnected ®

For Preconstruction Design Teams

Stay in the loop on your next project in the design and preconstruction phase. From project coordination through project execution, understand the full scope of your work, timeline and construction costs from each stakeholder’s perspective.

How ConCntric Helps
Design Teams in Preconstruction

Foster preconstruction collaboration through direct stakeholder interaction with this Preconstruction Estimator Software

Foster preconstruction collaboration through direct stakeholder interaction

With access to one all-encompassing preconstruction software, you can touch base with individual team members regularly to ensure your parts of the project are on track.

● Actively seek building design and construction input, feedback and insights from the Owner, General Contractor and Subcontractors involved in the project

● Benefit from a proactive alignment of design and costs at a system and group level, supported by historical data

● Get answers on important project details quickly by starting conversations right in the platform

Eliminate the need for painful redesign with this Preconstruction Estimator Software

Eliminate the need for painful redesign

Save hours of critical design time with access to the full scope and all stakeholders involved in the preconstruction project. Understand design limitations and concerns by viewing real-time project updates from the entire team.

● Instill confidence in your design team with data-informed cost targets to design by view vision

● Solve budget issues before they happen by viewing design expectations at the same time as the rest of the construction team

● Evaluate cost estimations for Value Option ideas by easily projecting model outcomes without affecting the project at hand

Gain visibility into key project deadlines and milestones with this Preconstruction Estimator Software

Gain visibility into key project deadlines and milestones

Use your time and resources wisely with early knowledge of important project management checkpoints. Allocate your resources efficiently by better understanding the Owner’s needs and expectations.

● Understand where the budget stands in order to guide design efforts

● Identify and address potential risks and challenges to the design before they become an issue

● Encourage and allow direct contribution of value option ideas from key players involved in the project


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Never get blamed for project delays again.

ConCntric reduces frustrations by keeping all project stakeholders up to speed. Spend less time frustrated and more time turning your vision into reality by improving your collaboration with the preconstruction team and aligning goals and requirements early on in the project.

Are you a BuildingConnected® User?

Your procurement process just got better! ConCntric has bridged the gap between preconstruction planning and subcontractor bidding with our BuildingConnected ® integration. Say goodbye to thousands of wasted hours and say hello to a unified process.
Once You Try ConCntric®, Preconstruction Will Never Be The Same. Find Out Why.
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