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Estimators: 5 Features You Need Now
Steve Dell’Orto • 25 Apr 2024

Estimators: 5 Features You Need Now

Estimating software is not enough to streamline the whole preconstruction phase of a project. Read this post to learn how estimators can benefit from an all-encompassing platform.

A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. It’s common for estimating and preconstruction to be looked at as synonymous, however, preconstruction is much broader than just the estimating function. Estimators play an important role during the preconstruction phase of a project, but it’s important to remember that estimating is just one facet, one element, of the overall process. Assuming a substantial role in the broader context of preconstruction, an estimator’s job is to provide a detailed periodic cost assessment of the status of the project as well as present project cost implications that derive from design documents.

Carrying out such a role in the development of a project, the estimator’s job in producing estimates either affects or is directly affected by several other preconstruction workflows. This includes utilizing prior estimates and cost histories from similar past projects to validate current estimates, proper data structuring, adherence to estimating work breakdown structure (WBS) codes, etc. These best practices are critical in ensuring that an estimator’s work supports each project and all future projects.

ConCntric helps preconstruction estimators more accurately estimate construction costs by offering a platform that works as a collaborative workspace for all major stakeholders in the preconstruction phase. Estimators can unify their construction estimating software—Beck Destini, Trimble WinEst or Sage Estimating—with ConCntric’s all-encompassing platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry. By using both of these technologies, the process of estimating becomes more accurate, more streamlined, and more intelligent. 

With that in mind, ConCntric’s platform has 5 features that are essential to any estimator’s workflow. Read more to learn how ConCntric’s Calibrate, Vision, Target Value Design, ForeSite and Timeline features enhance any estimator’s cost estimation.


Calibrate supports estimators by aligning historical project data with current data, alleviating the need for estimators to retrieve and compare files manually. This feature allows estimators to compare projects in real time and benchmark targets and stretch goals to stakeholders.


Vision helps estimators and the broader preconstruction team communicate a project’s trajectory visually and dynamically in real-time. This feature allows teams to tell the story of where a project is going using visuals, eliminating the need for teams to attempt to understand complex estimating information via spreadsheets.

Target Value Design

Target Value Design allows estimators to break projects down into major systems to provide conceptual budget guidance right from the start. This feature enables estimators to guide the design proactively to achieve design and budget objectives.


ForeSite grants estimators the opportunity to clear changes to the design and plan in between estimates. This feature affords teams the ability to develop cost forecasts that dovetail seamlessly with the detailed estimate. ForeSite allows all stakeholders to have a real-time view of construction costs and scenario model outcomes, without constantly revising the full estimate.


Timeline provides clarity of design deliverables and other time-sensitive information. This feature enhances an estimator’s ability to anticipate timelines and plan resource allocation well in advance. Timeline makes any event a lot more predictable for estimators.


Estimators benefit from a standard preconstruction process. Leveraging a platform that visually displays an estimate across a timeline empowers estimators to achieve their desired objectives by utilizing past data to enrich current project data. Additionally, it allows estimators to update and scenario model construction costs without permanently changing or disrupting current workflows. 

ConCntric equips teams to communicate better and share information. Our preconstruction project management platform was built to be used by the whole preconstruction team, estimators included. To learn about other features ConCntric offers, visit our features menu or book a demo here.

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