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An organized layout of the construction project's timeline that ensures the entire preconstruction team stays on track. The Timeline helps ensure your teams are on schedule and meeting essential deadlines in order to be successful.

Monitor your project’s chain
of events in real time.

The Timeline feature is a foundational feature that is integrated into all aspects of our preconstruction software. Graphs and charts are automatically generated in real-time, allowing you to track your progress throughout the whole preconstruction journey.

Comprehensively view all major activities involved in the preconstruction process

● Graphically understand the timing of major efforts such as permitting, design, estimating, subcontractor buyout and the relationship between these activities

● Increase stakeholder awareness by using Timeline as the scheduled backdrop for all of your meetings

Measure plans vs. results by gathering all project information from a single source of truth

● Manage Owner expectations and instill confidence by comparing and measuring real-time progress with the outlined Timeline

● Enhance accountability and collaboration by managing performance and identifying potential risks and delays early

Strategically plan and optimize your tasks to maximize project outcomes

● Break down the project scope and goals into actionable tasks that can be monitored and reviewed

● Assign resources to project tasks to make sure they are available when needed

Start visualizing your project’s finish line today.

Explore our preconstruction software’s real-time Timeline to transform the way you view projects. Eliminate time spent on gathering status updates and creating presentations with our automatically generated visuals that show your project’s progress instantly.

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