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Target Value Design

An integrated view of your project by division and systems to establish and track budget targets and stretch goals. Target Value Design allows you to manage the design proactively, achieving the targets necessary for the overall project budget, and providing a holistic view of your construction project’s budget framework.

Skillfully oversee your preconstruction
budget and surpass client expectations.

Focus on construction costs by specific system or division

● Quickly identify cost targets early on and work closely with the design team to guide the design towards meeting budgetary goals from the outset

● Visualize all major systems with KPIs in order to focus on items that are out of the norm

Seek innovative solutions within budget constraints

● Foster ideation as a team and conveniently track ideas and value with the end result in mind

● Safeguard your budgeting process ensuring each stakeholder is making informed, value-based decisions

Use historical project data to justify goals for current projects

● Leverage your historical data from Calibrate to communicate and benchmark target and stretch goals

● Identify patterns over time to more accurately and confidently use more precise data on your next project

Stay on time, on target and on budget.

Construction project predictability and meeting desired outcomes doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Using ConCntric’s preconstruction software, project teams can work together to establish cost benchmarks and meet the client’s budget.

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