ConCntric's procurement module is now integrated with BuildingConnected ®


A centralized platform to effortlessly manage and monitor all preconstruction projects within your organization. With just one click, teams can access comprehensive insights, including real-time project statuses, portfolio-wide key performance indicators (KPIs), and resource planning data, giving you the tools you need to make informed decisions.

Enhance your strategic decision-making capabilities with a holistic view of your projects and their impact.

The Portfolio feature is a foundational feature that is integrated into all aspects of our preconstruction software. Portfolio allows you to customize how data is presented to match your preferred viewing and management style, ensuring that information is delivered in a format that best suits your needs.

Effortlessly visualize all of your projects in a single glance

Effortlessly visualize all of your projects in a single glance

● With just one click, access all of your preconstruction projects from a centralized hub, eliminating the need for tedious searches across multiple platforms

● Stay up to date with real-time insights on project statuses and portfolio-wide KPIs, ensuring you’re always in the loop with the latest information

Stay proactively informed with dynamic data alerts

Stay proactively informed with dynamic data alerts

● Receive instant alerts and dynamic KPI notifications, allowing you to address potential issues or anomalies before they escalate

● Continuously monitor your backlog and secured project volume with a real-time data feed, providing you with up-to-the-minute information for decision-making

Unlock deeper insights with customized business intelligence

Unlock deeper insights with customized business intelligence

● Gain access to aggregated multi-project views tailored specifically to the construction industry’s needs, providing you with comprehensive insights into portfolio trends and performance

● Streamline your reporting processes with automatic generation based on your data inputs, freeing up valuable time for more strategic tasks

Make informed decisions promptly, without delays or manual updates.

With the Portfolio feature, you can effortlessly streamline managing your entire portfolio of projects in the design and preconstruction phase, gain real-time insights, and unlock powerful business intelligence—all from one centralized platform. With ConCntric, you can take control of your preconstruction projects and elevate your business operations to new heights.

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