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Bid Package Development

A tool that streamlines the development of project scopes and bid packages in preparation for the subcontractor buyout process. The Bid Package Development tool empowers you to select the best subcontractors to successfully complete your construction project and seamlessly integrates with any bid management solution.

Protect everyone’s project budget objectives with accurate and competitive bids.

Eliminate tedious, manual steps in the bidding process

● Skip long-winded meetings and communicate project specifics and documents right in our preconstruction software

● Reduce risk associated with errors, omissions and delays with a well-established process based on industry best practices

Analyze resources to manage capacity and rate of progress

● Keep a watchful eye on resource availability and what still needs to be purchased

● Transparently monitor your team’s progress and evaluate performance based on deadlines met

Openly communicate plans as a group to make sure the project is on time and on budget

● View comprehensive drawings and plans developed by the Design Team

● Review bid instructions, forms and contract documents in preparation for the start of the formal bidding process

Don’t let the highest risk phase in preconstruction be left unmanaged.

Bid with confidence knowing you have all of your bid information organized and ready for the buyout process. With ConCntric, you can trust that your risks are greatly reduced and every aspect of the bid package is meticulously developed.

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Your procurement process just got better! ConCntric has bridged the gap between preconstruction planning and subcontractor bidding with our BuildingConnected ® integration. Say goodbye to thousands of wasted hours and say hello to a unified process.
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