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Everything You Need to Know About ConCntric’s Procurement Module & Integration with BuildingConnected®
Steve Dell’Orto • 13 Mar 2024

Everything You Need to Know About ConCntric’s Procurement Module & Integration with BuildingConnected®

We sat down with Andy Leek, Head of Product at ConCntric, to delve into the intricacies of the construction industry’s current procurement process and to learn more about how ConCntric is transforming the future of preconstruction. 

In this Q&A session, Andy sheds light on ConCntric’s innovative precon solutions, recent integration with BuildingConnected and the major gap in procurement that ConCntric is filling for the industry.

What are some of the current challenges associated with bid package planning and procurement? 

Andy: Traditional bid package planning in preconstruction is fraught with complexities, largely due to the piecemeal nature of the tools and systems employed. The reliance on disconnected tools such as Excel spreadsheets, email threads, and assorted file repositories makes the management of bid packages a cumbersome and error-prone process. This disarray, stemming from information dispersed across various platforms, impedes efficient tracking, updating, and collaboration. This fragmentation leads to disorganized chaos, where stakeholders struggle to ensure that all necessary elements are included and reviewed before the bidding stage.

How is ConCntric addressing these issues?

Andy: ConCntric addresses these challenges by centralizing the bid package planning process on a single, unified platform. By providing a dedicated space for bid package development, ConCntric streamlines the entire process from start to finish. Stakeholders can access, review, and prep all bid packages collaboratively within this centralized platform, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple tools and systems. This centralized approach enhances communication and collaboration among team members, from precon to operations, as everyone has simultaneous access to the most up-to-date information.

Moreover, ConCntric ensures that all necessary elements of the bid package are in place before proceeding to the bidding stage. By providing configurable workflows and task management features, ConCntric facilitates systematic reviews and approvals, ensuring that no critical components are overlooked. This proactive approach helps to minimize errors and delays, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement process.

Can you explain the significance of the integration between ConCntric and BuildingConnected?

Andy: The integration between ConCntric and BuildingConnected marks a transformative advancement in streamlining the procurement process within the construction industry. By seamlessly linking these two platforms, the integration offers a plethora of benefits that revolutionize project management from inception to completion.

Firstly, the integration automates project creation within BuildingConnected, eliminating the need for manual setup and data entry. With just a single click in ConCntric, users can trigger the creation of corresponding projects in BuildingConnected, saving valuable time and minimizing errors associated with manual input. This automation ensures bid package details are accurately transferred, laying a strong foundation for the subsequent bidding process.

Additionally, the integration establishes a direct link between ConCntric’s bid package planning functionality and BuildingConnected, facilitating seamless data transfer between the platforms. Bid package details, including specifications, drawings, and attachments, seamlessly flow from ConCntric into BuildingConnected’s designated folder structure. This direct connection ensures efficient information transfer, enhancing workflows and collaboration among project stakeholders. With comprehensive project information readily accessible within BuildingConnected, subcontractors and vendors can make informed decisions when preparing bids, fostering better communication and decision-making throughout the procurement and bidding processes.

As the Head of Product for ConCntric, why do you believe this integration with BuildingConnected is important?

Andy: I’m thrilled about our integration with BuildingConnected because it represents a significant shift in the construction industry’s approach to project planning. Throughout my career, I’ve observed the critical role of preconstruction in ensuring project success, yet this phase often lacked dedicated solutions. ConCntric fills this gap by focusing on early-stage planning, where projects are shaped and potential risks are mitigated. By integrating with established tools like Autodesk, we leverage their expertise to enhance our platform’s capabilities without reinventing the wheel. This integration empowers us to serve mutual customers traditionally underserved in the industry, leaving a positive impact on project outcomes and fostering collaboration from the outset. Ultimately, our goal is to improve project efficiency and success by elevating the planning and collaboration processes through our platform. We’ve already achieved so much for our customers and truly, we’re just getting started.

To learn more about ConCntric’s procurement module and our BuildingConnected integration, book a demo with us.

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