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Growing Demand for Preconstruction Services: From Design to Cost
Steve Dell’Orto • 31 Jan 2024

Growing Demand for Preconstruction Services: From Design to Cost

How can you make your preconstruction process less manual and more efficient? Learn how in this post.

The construction industry is heading towards a more comprehensive approach to project development. This means that preconstruction services are increasingly in demand as they lay the foundation for a successful project. With projects becoming more complex, stakeholders are assigning more value to early involvement in the planning and design phases of a project. 

Planning a project involves actively managing a design in alignment with budget, project criteria, schedule, logistics, and risk, as well as strategies for procuring the right subcontractors, vendors and preparations for the start of construction. We also know that BIM and VDC play a huge role in supporting preconstruction services, however, they are only a small piece of the intricate puzzle that is preconstruction. A comprehensive all-encompassing preconstruction platform that unifies all of the planning elements noted above and interfaces with BIM, VDC, and commonly used construction software is what’s needed to bring the whole project together.

How construction software streamlines the coordination process during preconstruction

Preconstruction processes are unique and very different from construction phase processes. The preconstruction phase in itself involves over 40 distinct workflows. The status quo is that the majority of these workflows are currently addressed in an ad hoc fashion, overly dependent on Excel and the data is not captured nor structured in a dynamic state. For that reason, a preconstruction platform is needed just as much as construction software to organize and manage your project efficiently. ConCntric, as a preconstruction software platform, has created the digital version of these workflows to streamline the coordination process, unification of data, and collaboration with design.

Important factors to consider in the design phase of preconstruction:

  1. Project objectives and cost
  2. Time to market
  3. ROI

Design in preconstruction can take years, therefore a continuous focus on design and budget in preconstruction planning is critical to ensure the primary factors are successful. Using a platform where all stakeholders can collaborate in real-time on a single project allows teams to establish a more collaborative workflow, increasing efficiency, accelerating time to market and eliminating the need to rework the design. ConCntric allows design teams to get full visibility of key project objectives, deadlines, and milestones, ensuring they deliver the best value options needed for all stakeholders.  

How construction costs are estimated during preconstruction

Several factors contribute to how construction costs are estimated during the preconstruction lifecycle. Whether you are looking at designs, site analysis, subcontractor bids or market conditions, each cost needs to be carefully considered before entering into the construction phase of the project. 

The good news: ConCntric interfaces with multiple different estimating software to support the ever-evolving scope of preconstruction costs. When there is continuous cost feedback, projects have a greater certainty of outcome. Why? Because among the team, the design is being explored and decisions are being made in real time, which requires more than just estimating software.

Where construction software fits into preconstruction services

Currently, the preconstruction phase is underserved by technology. It is arguably the most critical phase in the project development lifecycle, yet it has the least amount of technological support, specific to its unique needs. While ConCntric interfaces with estimating software and BIM modeling services on the front end of preconstruction, the concluding results of what is done in ConCntric can be easily transferred to the project management solutions commonly used during the construction phase of a project, i.e. Autodesk Construction Cloud and Procore. 

Because preconstruction is both iterative and complex as a network of interrelated workflows, it makes it very difficult for anyone to build technology for its particular needs. Serving as a bridge between estimating and construction software and addressing those iterative workflows, ConCntric sets the table for a successful project. Its ability to overlap or run concurrently with the early stages of a construction project makes it an easy addition to a company’s construction tech stack. 

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